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IRIE FREIGHTS offers door-to-door shipping of various items from the Kelowna area to your friends and family located in the Caribbean. We can ship anything from gifts to vehicles to farm tools and much more.

We are currently shipping barrels to Jamaica, Trinidad, Antigua, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Barbados, and Grenada.

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What We Do

Sale Of Barrels

Don’t have access to a shipping barrel or crate? We source regular-sized and jumbo barrels.

  • Regular Barrel - $140 per barrel
  • Jump Barrel - $160 per barrel
  • Crate costs vary. Please contact us for a quote.

Door To Door

With our door-to-door service, we can pick up your barrel or crate at your home and ship it directly to its destination. We can ship many items, ranging in various sizes, including vehicles, tools, appliances, and farm equipment. You can conveniently ship to locations throughout the Caribbean, such as Jamaica, Trinidad, Antigua, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Barbados, and Grenada.

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Ship gifts or items to your family and friends hassle-free

Easily track your items and know where they are from when they leave your home to the moment they arrive at their destination.

We are here to help you
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Shipping Barrels To Jamaica
Contact Us

Provide us with the details on what you need shipped and we will supply you with a regular or jumbo barrel.

Shipping Barrels To Jamaica
Pick Up

When you have packed your barrel or crate, contact us to schedule a pickup, and we will prepare it for shipment.

Shipping Barrels To Jamaica

We will ship your items from Kelowna to Toronto. From there, it will ship directly to its destination in the Caribbean.

Shipping Barrels To Jamaica
Transit & Arrival

We will provide you with a tracking number, and you will be notified when your items have reached their destination.